Nupeye Wallet offers a convenient electronic mobile wallet with a number of ways to top-up, pay and withdraw.

Go anywhere with your Nupeye wallet which allows for peer to peer transactions, one of the most convenient ways of paying online.

Nupeye Wallet is the smarter, easier, and safer replacement for cash and when making regular and scheduled payments.


Pay anyone, anywhere, anytime with Nupeye Cashless mobile solution.

Pay To Contacts
Pay For Purchases
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Nupeye Wallet is built to offer our customers not only a secure payment but an great user experience.

Scan and pay quickly without sharing your phone number. Press that SEND with confidence.

The Nupeye Wallet is built with your security in mind which protects your funds and ensures that they reach their required destinations.

Scan and pay

Receive fund with Nupeye

Schedule your utility
payments effortlessly
using nupeye

Don’t suffer from the inconvenience and embarrassment of loosing your service, let Nupeye help you organize by scheduling your payments making sure they are up date and avoid the unnecessary hassle of reconnections and fees. Now, you don’t have to travel from office to office to make utility payments , all it take is Nupeye.
Nupeye wallet checkout

Nupeye wallet offers a simple and user friendly payment solution for stores which makes easier for businesses to have access to their cash and transaction history. Nupeye Wallet stands above the competition by providing full and transparent transactions putting you in control of your money. Fund the Nupeye Wallet using your debit card or internet banking (coming soon) and in seconds, its ready for use.

Only app you need

Nupeye Wallet is a convenient way for users to structure their lives by providing payment access to multiple services and products, no need to go here and there paying bills and searching for products and services, you can get your payment needs and more using the Nupeye app.

Customers Nupeye Advantage

The app is FREE, and so is your account

There is no cost to receive money

Send money to friends and family at no or very low cost

There is no charge to make purchases

Top up for FREE* and pay low fees to cash out or send to bank account


Whether you are an individual, have a website, a mobile app or a physical store, Nupeye allows you to collect payments efficiently and reliably

Make it easier for your customers to pay on mobile

Most amazing user experience

Provides effortless transaction experience with reduced number of processing steps

Generous and exciting customer rewards program


Whether you are an individual, have a website, a mobile app or a physical store, Nupeye allows you to send and receive payments in a convenient way. Click and Scan your way into the future of payments with Nupeye. You can accept payments through all payment methods – starting with our Nupeye Wallet with Credit / Debit Cards and Bank transfer coming very soon, Sign up Now and Join the mobile revolution with Nupeye.

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